ABCDEFU follows the wacky antics of three acrimonious assholes - Tommy, Connor, and Kyle. Tommy is a hard drinking, over-sexed bartender who lives with his best friend Connor, a prank-instigating, trash-talking substitute teacher. With the help of their drugged-out, constantly-dumped, whipping boy Kyle, these three modern stooges turn underachieving into an art. A comedy simultaneously about nothing and everything. ABCDEFU will have you laughing out loud, if not shitting in your pants.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ABCDEFU - Ep. 005 - Tommy is a Douche

Tommy is a Douche:
This may confirm some of your suspicions that Tommy, is in fact, a douche. In this episode Tommy gets off work and has only one thing on his mind... well, maybe two. Watch and find out.

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